Students Get A Headstart

EDT (The Engineering Development Trust) delivers over 30,000 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) experiences each year, for young people aged 11-21 across the UK.

EDT’s Headstart and Inspire courses Years 11-Upper Sixth students with the chance to sample higher education life – by both experiencing STEM courses at a university setting.

Ciara Blackham (Upper Sixth) and Emilia Corvesor (Lower Sixth) reflect on their recent Headstart and Inspire adventures here.

Ciara Blackham, Broadbased Engineering, Oxford University

My Headstart course was held at Oxford, and it gave me great a feel for the university, which I’ve now decided to apply at.

On the course we built robots, delivered a presentation and went on trips to Formula 1 racing, a nuclear fusion plant and Sharp Electronics.

It was great to try different types of engineering like biomedical, make bridges and test their strength and learn programming skills.

In addition, we had lots of talks on university experience and engineering career possibilities, spoke to students at Oxford University studying various degrees and there were small design task competitions.

We also met new people and made lots of friends and had free time in the evening to go into town.

I recommend the Headstart course to everyone. I wasn’t interested in studying engineering but I still loved my experience. I met so many new people and really got a feel for Oxford and what university life is like.

I also learnt a lot of valuable skills such as presenting and computer programming. So whether you definitely want to do engineering at university, are unsure about what course to study or want to know what life at university is like, I highly recommend Headstart.

Emilia Corvesor, Queen Mary University of London, Science

I chose a course specifically in Science as this is an area that has always interested me.

Over the three days, we engaged in different experiments and practicals and were also assigned group projects to research and prepare presentations on, ready for competition time on the last day.

Most importantly for me, we were able to meet and talk to different students currently at the university, which was very beneficial as I was in the middle of deciding my A Level choices.

Overall, the Inspire course allowed me to mix with like-minded girls and have a very enjoyable three days.

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