World of Sales

By Kirstie Moffat and Ella Major (both Upper Sixth)

On Tuesday 17th November, a group of Upper and Lower Sixth students, attended a Lunchbox Lecture lead by James Tapp, sales director at NICE Systems; enlightening us in his particular role leading strategic sales team.

Their corporate aim is to ultimately help improve businesses performance, increase operational efficiency, prevent financial crime, ensure compliance, and to enhance safety and security. NICE Systems branch out to over 25,000 customers, including more than 80 of the Fortune 100 companies, such as Virgin Media, City of New York Police Department and Barclays.

Our personal interests in Business and Marketing enticed us to listen to what James had to say about his career and particularly the nature of the roles in an internationally recognised business.

He spoke about the range of members of his team with different qualifications, from degrees in Classics to Geology as well as many with Business. We couldn’t quite believe that someone with a Classics degree would be suited to a job in such a different sector.

However, it was clear from what James said that it’s not necessarily the subject you study to degree level that determines the job you will end up in; sometimes it’s the transferable attributes such as interpersonal skills that can be applied to a job that employees are searching for.

James demystified the industry, as prior to the lecture we were unsure about what enterprise sales really were. He made evident the vast competition in the industry with many similar firms rivalling for the sales of the same companies. This shows the importance of customer satisfaction and persistence, as losing a pitch could in fact cost the company thousands of pounds.

Having the opportunity to talk to a professional who has developed a wide set of skills through various roles, from sales to more managerial roles, will certainly help us when we go on to study Business Management and Marketing and International Business next year at university.

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