Are You Sitting Intelligently?

By Ellen Tapp (Lower Sixth)

When faced with an opportunity to take on a ‘mystery project’ for a couple of weeks at school, it’s fair to say that I was not expecting to be confronted with a chair to trial in the classroom. My confusion, however, was short lived.

As soon as I sat on the dynamic, innovative creation of the Håg Movement Conventio Wing, I was rather taken with the specific design of this chair as a part of intelligent learning. Not only is the modern chair good looking, the scientific thought process behind the construction of it really appealed to my nerdy nature. On a quest to find out what separates this classroom essential from the rest, I took to the internet to find a wealth of information on the design, convenience and comfort it affords.

The Håg Movement are a market leading Scandinavian company in the design of seating created for office environments. Håg work to make those lengthy conferences and monotonous meetings a more pleasurable experience both physically and mentally through the design of the chair.


Interestingly, the inspiration behind Håg was taken from horse riders; the stirrups ‘enabled the upper body to be more active when sitting’. Håg identified that as a species. We are made for action, sitting still does not come naturally and therefore when seated we should continue to place movement at the top of our to-do list.

Luckily, a chair has been brought into the market that inspires movement without us even having to think about it. Dynamic ergonomy placed at the forefront of the construction allows the chair to respond to your every move. The Conventio Wing will react to every slight alteration in the way you sit, supplying you with comfort and support as you work.

However, to test this, I took on the challenge to try it out in my lessons where my energy levels tend to drop; just before lunch time and at the end of the day. I wanted to compare how alert I felt with and without the chair at these times, where my stomach embarrassingly grumbles very loudly and when I am just itching to get home and tuck myself up in bed.

The idea that something as simple as a seat could enhance my learning experience was something I did not find very likely; I’m not the type to switch off in lessons or become distracted easily but I found my attention to detail and motivation rocketed. Of course, we have to consider the fact that I knew the supposed function of the chair and this may have created a placebo effect on the way I felt myself working but placebo effect or no placebo effect, I felt myself working to my full potential.

I did not only benefit from the mental impacts of the chair, I also felt physical comfort and a great amount of support from it. I’ve always struggled with back pains throughout the day as a result of being hunched over a desk for 5+ hours whilst working. The dynamic nature of the design meant my lower back received a huge amount of comfort as I altered my seating position. I no longer felt a stabbing sensation half way through the hour and could fully focus on my work with no distraction.

This new, creative idea has brought another dimension to the way I study and has taught me to appreciate that in order to learn effectively, movement is key.


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